Heliopatch 20 pack

By Human Half-Cell
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Heliopatch will forever change the way you deal with pain. No longer do you have to only use pain drugs and deal with their side effects. Putting a single patch on the area of your pain will relieve that pain and help normalize the range of motion. Wearing a patch a day for 8 days (each patch can last up to 3 days) can help provide enough time to let the body recover. If you are looking to get back in the game as quick as possible, Heliopatch Cycle is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Physical exertion can cause free radicals to escape and attack your cells. Heliopatch provides relief as the result of neutralizing these molecules through the following process:

  • When the patch is applied, magnesium in the patch oxidizes, releasing naked electrons into the body. Positive ions from the potassium and calcium also migrate into the body.
  • Electrons from the magnesium seek out positively charged free radicals, providing them with an electron they would otherwise steal from healthy cells in your body.
  • The neutralized free radicals are now harmless. The more free radicals you have within range of the patch, the faster the transfer of electrons and ions takes place, making the Heliopatch a self-adjusting remedy.
Water, Glycerin, Elemental Magnesium, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, SIlver

Use patches as required for pain

  • Remove the activator disc from the bag
  • Stick a disc silver side down into the gel and black side up
  • Put hydrogel over the spot of pain

CONSULT WITH A PHYSICIAN BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT. Heliopatch does not treat injuries or medical conditions. It treats the free radicals that are often the result of stress and exertion. If a pain is of unknown origin or persists for long periods, we suggest you see a medical practitioner again. It is very important that anyone using Heliopatch patches be able to speak and relate their state of discomfort or pain. The user should have the ability to take it off whenever they like. It is possible to get redness and skin irritation if kept on the same spot for prolonged periods of time. If this occurs, simply remove the patch. We don't recommend using the patch while sleeping for this reason, though many do without any issues, as a sleep aid. You can expect a bit of an increase in potassium and magnesium when you use the patch, and these are very safe ions with a very wide range of safe dosages. None of the ingredients in the patch are expected to elicit an allergic reaction. It is safe to apply as many Heliopatch patches to your body as you'd like, there is no overdosing or tolerance building. If you apply multiple patches to a concentrated area, they will work in concert with each other to supply ions and electrons to your body resulting in a longer more potent period of sustained relief.